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Entry #1

ok I am not new anymore.

2009-08-19 03:43:44 by thegamist

for the time i have been on newgrounds I always enjoyed it.
especialy the flash movies of videogames wich my friend (i'm not going to tell who that is) told me they are good but if you know better movies please notice under here

as in the beginning humor is my weaknes
thanks for everyone who read this


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2010-08-17 01:06:20

If your looking for funny flash movies I guess see egoraptor's awesome videos.

thegamist responds:

haha egoraptor
thanx (but I already knew him)
he's good


2011-04-03 16:26:02

You know what's funny? Is when someone uploads something that is so horrible it makes people lol at how bad it is, depending on your humour... Try "garfrield da cat" for instance, lol.

thegamist responds:

yep that was bad XD
my eyes where just raped


2011-04-07 16:16:15

Yes. You happen to know omegadude228? He's a cool fur, like you and me :)

thegamist responds:

ther's only one small differnce
I'm 18 you 13 :p


2011-04-08 17:42:05

True, true.


2011-04-19 21:15:47

Im back.. Read my latest post plz..

thegamist responds:

that's great :D
keep up to good work


2011-07-16 14:30:29

You're welcome